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Any of these come to mind when considering a new website for your business?

With so many choices, where do I go to create a simple website for my business?

  • How can I trust I’ll get what I want?
  • How can I know how much I’ll spend?
  • How long will it really take to go online?
  • Will I participate in the process to ensure I get what I want?
  • How much business did I lose today by NOT being online?

Or maybe you’ve worked with someone before, but:

  • Didn’t get what you want
  • Paid more than you expected
  • The process sucked
  • And now… you dislike your experience and website

Yikes. Well then…

Site-in-a-day is here to help

We’ll learn and understand what you need. Customize a powerful WordPress theme to meet your needs. Configure your site. Upload your pictures and content, then… Launch your site in a day.

You will know exactly what you’ll pay. Be involved in the process to make any course corrections. Know how long this will take, then… Be online and bring in new business before the sun sets (unless you live near the Artic and it’s winter time. Brrr.)
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What you get

  • A customized WordPress theme with your name or logo and a color scheme to match your brand.
  • Your content setup with your text and images for each section on the home page. We’ll do this for up to 10 additional pages, if needed.
  • Everything installed and configured to make this appear like your chosen look and feel (including required plugins).
  • Responsive design to look great on all devices.
  • A web hosted solution for your new site. We’ll set this up on your current web host for you. Don’t have a web host? No problem, we’ll recommend one for you.

Choose your look-and-feel

To get you online fast, with a solid footing, we use WordPress themes from Avada. Rock-solid, proven and flexible. Poke around- see what trips your trigger. We’ll modify it based on your needs. Of course, we can help you choose what’s right for your business.

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How it works

What and when(ish):

8 a.m.

We’ll meet online to identify your needs and your theme modifications

9 a.m.

Begin theme customization


Review what we’ve completed, what’s left,
make any small course corrections

2 p.m.

Continue to customise your theme


Do a final review. Walk through the site. Explain how to manage your content.

by dessert

Launch it!


Pretty cool, huh?
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Are we a fit?

We know it can be overwhelming with so many choices for building your website. Site-in-a-day is not for everyone. In fact, here’s a good read to help you make the best choice for you and your biz.

Site-in-a-day is about getting online today. Because something good today is better than perfect who-knows-when-from-now. Refine things as you go. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Need more?

To get online fast, have your logo, pictures and content ready to go. Don’t have all this? No problem. We’re here to help. We’ll clearly explain your business. People develop trust and buy things when they understand you immediately, clearly and simply. That’s we what we do, design beautiful sites and write clear content.

Let’s discuss any custom needs you have.
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Todd Clarke

For years, I helped corporate businesses develop software solutions. Now, as small business owner, I help people and businesses ‘say what they mean’. There’s too much fluff over stuff out there. I dig stating things clearly and often visually. Check me out at and to “see what I mean”. Site-in-a-day is our latest service to help people and businesses win more sales TODAY.

Satyen Aghor

I’m a web and graphics designer. I’ve worked with Todd on many WordPress projects over the last several years. We share a fondness for creating visual coolness, in a non-mainstream way, that customers are proud of. Find me at

Hey Todd, looking forward to working together yet again for this service, too.